Top 15 Graphic Design Companies in the USA

In this age of digital-first business environments, graphic designs play a critical role in promotion, and the establishment of brand identity is critical. Various graphic design services, including but not limited to logo design, web design, app design, flyer design, advertisement design, and product and merchandise design services, are crucially important. These graphic design services offer a key role in various aspects of online business, such as branding, improved user experience (UX), marketing and advertisement, visual storytelling, and the like.

Given the importance of graphic design, it is therefore extremely important to find the best graphic design companies. Their experience in offering attractive, visually appealing, and traffic-generating graphics can boost your business. However, the market is flooded with thousands of IT firms claiming to offer the best graphic services, which makes it harder for businesses to choose the best available option. This blog has been written to clear up the confusion surrounding this quest. The industry experts at Kijero have identified and ranked the top 15 graphic design companies in the USA based on their expertise, portfolio, customers’ reviews, and the like. These graphic design firms can provide you the top-notch services aligned perfectly to your business needs.

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First, we start with a brief discussion regarding what to look for in a good graphic design solution provider in the USA.

What to Look for in a Good Graphic Design Company in the USA and Beyond:

Here are some key considerations to ensure that you get an expert and skilled graphic design agency.

  • Check their portfolio and work that must cover a variety of design services across various industries and niches.
  • Look for client reviews and feedback. The company must have positive reviews and feedback.
  • The company in question must have specialized skills in specific graphic design services such as packaging, web designing, branding, etc.
  • The originality and creativity are what make a graphic design agency distinguished in the market. These qualities are essential to promote your unique brand identity.
  • Choose a company that has proficiency in relevant design software such as Adobe Creative Suit. Moreover, the firm must have expertise in designing responsive services for cross-platform compatibility.

There are many considerations that you must bear in mind while choosing an appropriate graphic design firm. Our experts have attempted to lift this task off your plate. Here is the list of companies that we think are at the top of the graphic design game, listed in no particular order.

#01: Lounge Lizard:

Lounge Lizard is a New Yark-based top-class web design and digital marketing company. Founded in 1998, this web design and digital marketing firm has successfully created multi-channel marketing groups and gained proficiency in all aspects of graphic design.

  • Services that Lounge Lizard Offers:

It offers a comprehensive set of digital and graphic design services including digital design and development, branding, social media strategies, digital marketing, corporate blog design, UI/UX analysis, UI/UX web design, and more.

  • Prominent Clients:

Nikon, ISUZU, Honeywell, WWATTS, and NYU are some notable clients that Lounge Lizard has served with its graphic design and marketing services.

#02: Xhilarate:

Xhilarate is a Philadelphia-based branding and design IT firm offering a comprehensive range of services. Over the years, Xhilarate has carved out a space in the branding and web design market with expertise and innovative graphic design solutions.

  • Services Offered by Xhilarate:

Some of the services that these firms offer are brand and digital strategy, corporate and brand identity, web & interactive, print & packaging design, content creation and storytelling, photography and videos, generative AI, and more.

  • Expertise and Projects Delivered:

Xhilarate has wide-ranging expertise. They have designed and implemented branding and graphic services for both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

#03: Landor:

Based in San Francisco, Landor is a leading brand specialist, consulting, and design agency. Landor has a worldwide presence, working from more than 25 countries, and serves the world’s top-ranking corporations and businesses.

  • Graphic Design Services that Landor Offers:

It provides a comprehensive range of services including brand identity, brand innovation, brand architecture, insights and analytics, packaging, positioning, media strategy, and the like.

  • Prominent Clients:

The clients that Landor serves are some of the best firms in the world. For instance, Landor has provided graphic design services to Apple, BMW, FedEx, British Airways, PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Australian Open, and more.

#04: Kijero:

Kijero is also a prominent graphic design solution provider based in the USA. Based upon its specialized skills in various services of graphic design and innovative and adaptive approach, Kijero has successfully established itself as a trusted solution provider.

Graphic Design Services:

Kijero offers a wide-ranging service portfolio including logo designing, promotion design, print and digital design, UX/UI web design, corporate identity, branding, digital graphics, custom illustration, and more. It comprehensively deals in every aspect of graphic and digital marketing.

  • Expertise and Projects:

It has earned 100% customer satisfaction and won the trust of customers from wide-ranging industries and niches. Businesses trust its specialized graphic solutions, innovation, originality, and out-of-the-box solutions that ensure a unique branded presence in the digital space.

#05: Digital Silk:

This award-winning web design agency is offering top-notch and result-driven services to help brands grow online. Digital Silk has a specialty in custom websites, branding, and digital marketing designed for driving engagement, generating growth, and improving conversion rates.

  • Services that Digital Silk Offers:

Digital Silk has a well-recognized services portfolio encompassing custom web design, professional web design, responsive web design, UX/UI web design, and website redesign. It has 56% repeat customers, indicating the trust that customers place in web design and branding services.

  • Some Notable Customers:

It has some industry leaders in the list of customers. Digital Silk has served businesses of every domain and industry. IBM, EV Universe, Xerox, Sony, and Rolling are some of the many customers that hire the web design and branding services of Digital Silk.

#06: Pentagram:

Established in 1972, Pentagram has evolved into a world-famous design studio. It is a uniquely organized firm being run by independent partners, all of whom are industry leaders. Pentagram has an extensive portfolio spanning five decades and creates innovative and aesthetically appealing graphics for industries of every domain and size.

  • Service Portfolio:

The services portfolio is extensive covering as many areas as graphics and identity, websites and digital experience, advertisement, communication, data visualization and typefaces, packing, sound design, and more.

  • Top-Notch Clients:

Some noteworthy clients that Pentagram has served include Rolls-Royce, Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, MasterCard, Verizon, Windows, and more.

#07: Clay:

Clay is a San Fransico-based branding and UX design agency. It has served clients worldwide by exploiting the potential of AI, design, and technology. Clay Global has served clients across the globe and delivered creative and inventive digital experiences across all brand touchpoints.

  • Expertise and Services:

Clay is a full-service innovative digital service provider covering branding, digital products, website designing, illustration and graphic design, and more. It has served companies hailing from multiple domains such as Fintech, B2B, Crypto and Web3, eCommerce, Fashion, and more.

  • Client Served:

Google, Sony, Uber, Amazon, Coinbase, Meta, Coca-Cola, Stripe, and more.

#08: 500 Designs:

500 Designs is an industry-leading digital design IT firm that has well-known specialized skills in web design, UI/UX design, and branding services. It has earned customers’ trust and won many awards for creating impactful websites, applications, and branding solutions.

  • Featured Graphic Design Services:

500 Designs offers wide-ranging services including branding and strategy covering naming, brand strategy, logo designing, graphics, and illustration. Similarly, it also offers website and app design services such as website design, UX/UI design, mobile app design, animation, UX audit, and more.

  • Prominent Clients:

It has served top brands such as Google, CISCO, 3M, HubSpot, TikTok, and more with creative and innovative web and graphic design solutions.

#09: Wolf Olins:

Wolf Olins is a brand consultancy agency that has carved a unique name in the branding and graphic design market. It has such a solid reputation in the branding market that it has managed to attract industry-leading and top brands. Their logo for the 2012 Summer Olympics is rumored to fetch $625,000 price.

  • Services Offered:

Wolf Olins has mustered the art of branding. They are a leader in branding when it comes to purpose and brand strategy, brand architecture and portfolio strategy, visual identity, and more.

  • Notable Clients:

LinkedIn, Microsoft, eBay, Apple, Spotify, Uber, and the like.

#10: eDesign Interactive:

Based in New Jersey, eDesign Interactive is a well-known web and graphic design agency that has established its name due to attractive web design, interactive campaigns, and other graphic services. It is a full-service agency working for complete digital transformation.

  • Graphic Design Services:

eDesign Interactive has a complete set of graphic services in its kitty. It offers web design, digital marketing, mobile, positioning branding, corporate identity, and more.

#11: Happy Cog:

Happy Cog is a New York-based full-service digital firm that is working to corporations and businesses grow online with branding strategies, web and app design, and digital marketing services. It has developed expertise in various graphic design solutions.

  • Services Portfolio:

Digital marketing, content marketing, branding and design, web design, mobile app design, User Experience, design system, and more.

#12: Brightscout:

Brightscout is a leading and world-renowned branding and development studio. It has specialized expertise in designing and implementing UX/UI graphic solutions that help organizations grow their business online.

  • Services Portfolio:

It offers branding, web design, UX/UI design, custom software development, and mobile app development.

  • Notable Clients:

NFL, Raytheon, NewRelic, ServiceNow, and more are some of the many clients that Brightscout has served with innovative graphic and branding solutions.

#13: Design in DC:

This is a Washington DC-based digital agency offering customized, scalable, and innovative web and app design and development services.

  • Web & Graphic Design Services:

It offers a full range of services including web design, UX/UI design, corporate web design, video production, animation, motion graphics, 3D rendering and visualization, design audit, logo design, product design, interactive design prototyping, brand style guide, and more.

#14: The Chase:

The Chase has won more than 350 national and international awards for offering innovative corporate branding and print design services.

  • Services Portfolio:

Advertisement, branding, digital, film, and architecture.

  • Prominent Clients:

BBC, Hewlett Packard, Alibaba, Amnesty International, and more.

#15: Caveni Digital Solutions:

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Caveni Digital Solutions is a leading firm specializing in web and graphic design solutions. It has served multiple brands and corporations to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape for quick digital transformation.

Area of Expertise:

Web design, brand strategy, digital marketing, and content creation are some of the areas where Caveni Digital Solutions has gained a solid reputation.

Final Thoughts:

Graphic design solutions have become an important source to drive traffic, improve conversions, and build a branded presence in the digital world. Therefore, it is very important to select a graphic design agency carefully. We have written this blog to take this job off your plate. You can now make an informed decision about hiring a graphic agency that meets your specific business needs.


Thanks for your reading. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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