15 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic with Effective SEO Strategies

Yes, there is no denying that a mere website is not enough to turn around your online business. You need visibility and improved ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) to attract traffic to your business’s website. But how can one achieve that goal? This is challenging, tough, and demands a lot of effort and a consistent approach.

We are of the established opinion that organic traffic is the traffic that you must aspire to. Organic traffic is attracting visitors to your website without paid advertisement. Therefore, you don’t need to pay, you don’t need to understand the complexities of PPC. What’s more, organic search traffic does not suffer any adverse impact whenever social media platforms tweak or change their algorithm.

But how can one attract organic traffic? This is simple as well as complex, it depends on how you deploy your human and technical resources. Your domain, niche, size of industry, and in-house resources for SEO, all determine and influence the outcomes of SEO strategies aiming at increasing traffic. Therefore, you need to be very selective when it comes to choosing the most effective SEO and marketing strategies. But when there are potentially hundreds of suggestions circulating online, business managers struggle to know where to start and how to launch target-oriented SEO campaigns. Don’t worry, this blog has been written precisely for this reason. You are at the right place.

Our expertise and experience show that you can drive more traffic if you practice some tips and tricks that we have discussed below. This blog is the result of our extensive experience and Search Engine Marketing capabilities. These are simple but highly effective strategies designed to boost website traffic resources organically, allowing you to earn a higher spot-on Google.

Are you ready to learn SEO optimization tips to get your website ranked #1 on SERPs?  Let’s get it started!

We first start with understanding what is organic traffic and why it is important.

What is Organic Search Traffic?

Organic traffic is mainly content marketing and SEO-driven traffic visits that happen naturally without you investing in various forms of paid advertisement.

It could have resulted from various reasons, for example:

  1. Through a link to your website that appears under the video or when an image search is made.
  2. Through a service page, blog post page, product, or category page that appears in URL search results.
  3. The link to your website can also appear in Goole’s “People Also Ask” box.

There are many other cases as well. The outcomes of all these findings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) lead to increased organic traffic.

Why Should You Care About Organic Traffic?

Here are some reasons that show that this form of traffic is key to boosting your online presence and improved ranking.

Extremely Cost-Effective:

First, it is absolutely free or much cheaper than other paid forms of marketing. You may have to have someone to write and optimize blog posts and other forms of content, but it would still be much cheaper and way more effective and sustainable in the long run.

Affordable For SMEs and Startups:

The fact that it is almost free, businesses don’t need to allocate massive resources and marketing expertise to run this campaign. This makes this advertisement accessible for small and startup businesses.

New Customers:

If you plan your SEO strategies and content marketing tactics to offer content that your target audience loves to see, you will end up driving more and more traffic and earning better ranking.

Improved Conversion Rate:

Every visitor that lands on your website is an opportunity to secure a lead and earn new customers. This will ensure that you continue to enjoy a better conversion rate and improved sales.

Having discussed the significance of employing content and search engine optimization strategies to boost organic search traffic, now, we now see highly recommended SEO strategies suggested by SEO firms and marketing agencies.

15 Best SEO Techniques to Boost Organic Traffic and Improve Search Ranking in 2024 and Beyond:

Here are the 15 best SEO tips and tricks that you need to know to earn top ranking in SERPs in 2024.

#01: Targeting Relevant Primary and Secondary Keywords:

In any effective and good SEO strategy, keyword search is key to improving ranking and enhancing website traffic. Keywords can be of two types: primary keywords and secondary keywords. If you can incorporate the right keywords in your content, you will be able to attract website visitors quite easily.

The first step in using relevant keywords is to find appropriate primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords are main words and terms that you wish to rank higher. Secondary keywords are related terms that support your primary keywords.

But how can one find these keywords? The answer is various keyword research tools that are available. For instance, some highly recommended keyword research tools are enlisted below for your facility:

  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • LowFruits
  • Long Tail Pro

#02: Using Internal Linking:

Internal linking is another actionable and highly effective SEO strategy to boost a website’s ranking and drive organic website traffic. SEO strategists use internal links to link different pages within a website by using relevant keywords. Various studies show that this process can even improve the ranking of content without updating or changing the existing content. Internal linking also helps distribute traffic equally across various pages.

Google can utilize internal linking to better understand the value of the page and context via anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text in hyperlinks. You can also use “Related Article” to showcase your content and improve further distribution of website traffic.

But you must avoid using too many internal links on every page. It is harmful to your ranking. This may confuse Google and it would not be able to understand relevance between pages and the structure of your website.

#03: Leveraging Top-Notch Content and Showcasing E-A-T:

It is no secret that Google and other search engine-like content is fresh, optimized, user-centric, informative, easy to understand, and has top-notch quality. The Google Helpful Content Update 2023 clearly states that Google would prefer content that is informative and user-centric. You must keep this in mind before employing content marketing strategies to drive organic traffic.

Having said that, you don’t need to update your content daily, but it would be great if you review your content once a year and make changes to make it in line with the latest SEO strategies. SEO experts suggest that publishing new content is a sure way to outflank a website that is stagnant and is not publishing content at all. The best method is to publish a blog post, company blog, and website case studies. In this regard, experts are of the view that publishing well-optimized and user-oriented content each month can help you improve your ranking and earn new customers.

Showcasing Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness(E-A-T) is also a great way to earn a good reputation and improve SERP ranking. You can demonstrate it by the following means:

  • First, showing clearly the credentials of authors and their bios. It would help you show the authority of your published content.
  • Second, securing links from websites that are trustworthy and ensuring that content is free of any factual inaccuracies are also means to showcase E-A-T.
  • Third, finally, you can show E-A-T by citing sources from sites that have a good trustworthy reputation.

#04: Using Keywords that Target Featured Snippets:

Featured Snippers are small text excerpts that appear at the top of Google search pages. They provide quick and short answers to the researcher’s queries. Targeting featured snippets has become one of the most effective SEO strategies to win traffic, clicks, engagement, and conversions.

If you design your SEO strategy properly, your web pages rank higher and you can even rank your website above the first organic research, known as “Position Zero”. SEO experts are exploiting Featured Snippets to gain more visibility and meet marketing goals.

How can you know the Featured Snippets which are relevant to your products and services? One way is to use research tools. For instance, Organic Research Tool, you can use this tool for finding keywords and key phrases that trigger Featured Snippet.

When you have found relevant keywords capable of triggering this feature, you can deploy them in the following manners:

  • You must deploy an effective marketing strategy with structured content with proper paragraphs.
  • Second, you should use relevant questions as heading and answer them directly most shortly and directly.
  • Third, you must format the content by adding tablets and lists whenever there is a need.

In this way, you can ensure that your content is optimized and capable of targeting featured snippets.

#05: Using Meta Descriptions:

Though meta descriptions are no longer as vital as once they were, they still count and matter. You have to make sure that you add keywords in the meta description for writing a copy to enhance Click Rate (CTR).  You will have a 150-character limit, so make the most of it.

#06: Creating Blogs:

Blogging is another way to connect with your audience, improve website traffic, and boost your sales. When you share relevant information optimized with focused keywords, it attracts the audience that is using those keywords. In this way, creating, optimizing, and promoting keyword-optimized blogs is a time-tested tip to boost website visibility in SERPs.

Here are some ways that you can use to better utilize blogging techniques for improving organic traffic.

First, choose a target audience and then generate content keeping in view its demography, interests, shopping behavior, and other features. This helps you to ensure better user engagement, drive more traffic, and boost your sales.

Second, creating a reader persona is another key pillar of using blogging. This is a fictional character that represents the interests and behavior of the target audience. You can generate a reader persona by studying deeply the interests, pain points, and needs of your target audience. This helps you write blogs that best align with your audience and serve you well when it comes to attracting organic website traffic.

You must also ensure that you prefer quality over quantity, use relevant keywords, and promote your blogs through social media posts and guest posting on other blogs.

#07: Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness:

Mobile responsiveness is key to ensuring an improved ranking. Search engines don’t take those websites seriously that don’t show cross-device compatibility. Your device should work well on all kinds of devices, be it PCs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, its text must be readable and buttons can be clicked.

The good news is that custom eCommerce solution providers like Kijero offer cost-effective website and online store solutions that are tested for cross-device usability. Having said that, making your websites and eCommerce stores is one the most effective SEO strategies to boost your online presence.

#08: Leveraging Social Media Platforms and Social Signals:

In recent years, social media has become the most influential tool to attract organic web traffic and ensure better user engagement. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, among others, to promote your blogs and other forms of content.

Users end up landing on your websites when they click the content that you have shared on social media platforms. You are suggested strongly to make the most of 5.04 billion social media users worldwide and carve your name in the market by promoting top-quality and informative content.

Social signals are information that search engines collect from your social media presence. Followers, shares, comments, likes, user engagement, post outreach, and the like are some signals that influence your ranking indirectly.

#09: Earning Authority Backlinks:

There are multiple ways of link building, digital PR is one of the most successful SEO tactics to earn backlinks from high-authority websites and stores that ensure improved organic traffic.

Commonly used PR techniques are multiple, for instance, you can deploy digital PR by writing press conferences. Furthermore, the creation of data-driven content and reactive PR are also some ways you can use digital PR for your benefit.

Reactive PR which is becoming a source has become the quickest means to earn backlinks from highly reputable and trusted sources. Various platforms such as Connectivity offer digital PR services.

You should join them as a source. The signing up would be followed by emails requesting expert sources. If some queries are related to your niche, say a custom software development, you can send the writer’s contribution. This would not take much time, but when your contribution gets published, you will be able to earn authority backlinks and, by extension, you will be able to gain a lot of organic traffic.

#10: Leveraging Local SEO and NAP:

Local SEO has now its own game. It has won acceptance among SEO strategists who are using it to enhance the online presence of businesses. In particular, if you are running a brick-and-mortar business, you would need an effective local SEO campaign.

To fully leverage Local SEO, you have to take care of the following elements:

  • You have to make sure that your Name, Address, and Phone number ( NAP) are 100% accurate in your website footer, contact page, social profiles, and Google Business.
  • You must try to get more citations by getting your business listed in local directories and apps. For instance, you must make sure that your business is enlisted in the Better Business Bureau, Bing, and Apple Maps.
  • Get as many reviews as possible. You can encourage users to share reviews through in-personal communication or through sending links to your Facebook, Google, and Yelp pages.

#11: Showing Topical Expertise:

Google and other Search Engines have started to rank websites and web pages that provide the best results of search queries. This algorithm change implies that you must consider the quality of content and topic optimization, not mere keyword optimization.

You can show topical expertise and earn a Zero Position by Topic Clusters. Topic Clusters are a group of web pages that collectively cover one broad topic comprehensively and they are linked with one another through internal linking.

Broadly speaking, topic clusters comprise three parts:

  • The pillar post deals with a broader and overarching topic that has a lot of subtopics.
  • A cluster of pages that individually deals comprehensively with each subtopic discussed briefly in the pillar post.
  • And finally, internal linking between clusters of pages and pillar posts.

You can select a topic for a pillar post through various means. One such means is Research Tool which provides a list of broad terms related to a particular business or domain.

#12: Using Video Content:

Videos, needless to say, are the far better way to drive engagement and facilitate storytelling. It has been estimated that an average online video is worth 1.8 million words a minute. Quite understandably, every online business is investing in video content that is engaging, brief, crisp, and informative.

Open a YouTube channel and share video content on your website, it is a sure-hell way of driving organic traffic and boosting the organic ranking of your website.

#13: Adding Call to Action (CTA):

Don’t ignore Calls to Action or CTAs. They show your visitor what they should do next such as Call Reps, download a file, or visit a page, etc. CTAs can be of various shapes and sizes, but they all help you improve your user experience which is good for SEO and by extension, a great way to attract more and more organic traffic.

#14: Optimizing Images:

Optimizing images helps you improve the loading speed of your website. It uses sized correct-sized images so that they don’t take much time to load. And fast-loading web pages are one of many benchmarks that search engines to rank your website.

You must add ALT text for each image with relevant keywords, it would allow visually-impaired people to better navigate your website. This improved user experience would end up further improving the website ranking and driving organic web traffic.

#15: Technical SEO and Security:

Last but not least, don’t compromise the security of your website. Your website must be secure having a HTTPS protocol, otherwise, search engines don’t allow your website to appear higher on result pages. You must also make sure that your website doesn’t have broken pages (404 errors), problematic site codes, and redirect chains and loops.

You will have to carry out regular website maintenance, and SEO audits, and you must also have dedicated and secure web hosting to offer robust security to your website visitors.

Final Thoughts:

Organic traffic is way more beneficial than paid advertisement because it is cost-effective and search engines love it. You don’t need to put extra technical and human resources into launching content and search engine optimization campaigns to drive organic traffic and secure organic web ranking. The above-said SEO tips and trips are sure-hell ways to boost your online presence, improve search ranking, drive more traffic, and boost website visibility.

Thanks for your reading. We do hope that this article will help you secure a #1 ranking in search engine result pages. Your feedback would be highly appreciated in this regard.

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